About Our Brand
12 April

About Our Brand

Created by a mom wishing to stop time and celebrate the magic of our Latino culture.   As I write this, Gael is only a few hours away from turning 7 months old. How and when did that happen?! I still remember being in the hospital waiting for him to be released from the NICU. He was born with Meconium Aspiration Syndrome or “MAS,” which is when meconium is aspirated into a baby’s lungs. So, he needed extra attention to get his lungs strong and healthy before heading home. Those first few days after giving birth were terrifying. As a first-time mom, I read all the books and did all the research you think you’re supposed to do. But nothing can ever prepare you for having a delivery that’s anything but rosy. My first few months of postpartum were also quite terrifying. In retrospect, I think that not having worked...
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About Our Brand
Apr 12, 2021

About Our Brand

Created by a mom wishing to stop time...
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