Created by a mom wishing to stop time and celebrate the magic of our Latino culture.

As I write this, Gael is only a few hours away from turning 7 months old. How and when did that happen?! I still remember being in the hospital waiting for him to be released from the NICU. He was born with Meconium Aspiration Syndrome or “MAS,” which is when meconium is aspirated into a baby’s lungs. So, he needed a little extra attention to get his lungs strong and healthy before heading home.

Those first few days after giving birth were terrifying. As a first-time mom, I read all the books and did all the research you think you’re supposed to do. But nothing can ever prepare you for having a delivery that’s anything but "perfect".

My first few months postpartum were also quite terrifying. In retrospect, I think that not having worked through my delivery trauma in combination with lack of sleep led to me falling into postpartum depression.

Both Gael and I have come a long way since then. His lungs are healthy and quite strong. Not only does his doctor agree on that, but we can also tell by how loudly he laughs and screams!

Right now, I find myself wanting to stop time. Yet, at the same time, I find myself excited as he reaches new milestones. (We’re moving on to solids and sippy cups!)

I know I could never stay in this moment forever… a moment that starts off in the mornings with Gael’s big morning stretch and ends with him staring up at me as I nurse and sing him to sleep.

I’m trying to cherish each moment with him (even the tough ones), because before I know it, this moment in time will be nothing more than a memory.

This is why I created My Tesorito, to help me remember this special time with Gael.

I wanted to create something tangible that would connect me to the now...something that would provide my family and I comfort, happiness, and security even in the years to come.

The Time Capsule

The answer came to me as I was putting away a few newborn clothes he'd outgrown. I found myself putting away many onesies in every size he’d previously worn and keeping them for keepsakes. As I looked through the pile of clothes, I quickly realized that I was creating a time capsule of sorts.

I could distinctly recall the times he wore each piece I had put away, from his most newborn items to his most recent pieces! I could almost feel how much he used to weigh, what he smelled like, and could almost hear his little giggle in each piece of clothing I put away.

And that’s the magic about items we keep as keepsakes, they have the power to hold memories for us and bring us back to a specific time and place. They signify benchmarks and serve as a comforting compass to help us navigate the next stage of our lives.

That’s what I want for me, and that’s what I want for you.

I want you to have something tangible that you can connect your thoughts, memories, and emotions to, something that will bring you back to those special moments with your little one. It is these little treasures, our My Tesorito keepsake onesies, what will bring us comfort and familiarity for the many years to come.

A Treasure To Pass Down

Whether you enjoy any of our My Tesorito onesies in our exclusive wooden treasure box, or in our time capsule packaging, giving or receiving this keepsake is the perfect way to mark the current moment, commemorate your little one, and celebrate their every milestone.

As we release new collections and surprises, I encourage you to dress your greatest little treasures with our clothing pieces that celebrate the magic of our Latino culture and bring you back to the now.

Hilda-Gabriela Hernandez

Founder, My Tesorito, & Gael's Mom

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